Dear Parents:

Now that it's the dead of summer, I can say, "Are you warm enough yet?" Just kidding, but I honestly hope you all are taking advantage of our wonderful beaches and water parks with the little ones.  I know they love it.

Our plants are definitely loving the weather.  We have harvested all of the cucumbers, turnips, beets, squash and corn.  We are continuing to harvest the tomatoes, basil and of course blueberries.  We were able to take some of our extra produce to the Johns Island Farmers Market to sell.  It was wonderful to see the children selling their hard work in trade for money for their school and garden.

We have already started planting for our late summer crops and we are learning together how to have a garden all year round.  It is worth every moment in that garden to see the children eating their crops right off the vine or hearing the excitement in them when they say their going to bring it home to their parents for dinner.  

Also, our sunflowers at the school are taller than most trees :)  I urge you all to come visit the school garden and if you are a parent at the school come have your child give you a tour of their garden.  I'm sure they will light up with joy.