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04/09/2016 1:00am

The Montessori school is the really nice and study system is very unique. The online system of study has been embraced greatly by the so called working class. This is for the reason that they are able to work and at the same time undergoes their studies.

06/27/2016 4:42am

I want to show it to my class!

04/06/2017 3:42pm

Montessori Classics is a home-based preschool and kindergarten for children from 2.5 to 6 years of age.
Our beautiful learning materials and the loving teacher surround children as they fulfil their profound need to learn. Being exposed at their most sensitive periods to such an enriched environment, children develop their abilities to a high level, without pressure and through freedom of choice. All areas of learning are brought together so that the child understands life as a whole.


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