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01/17/2016 6:52am

Given that teachers are trained well enough in matters related to children, this gives them a high chance of identifying a child who is suffering malnourished. For this parent they should be ready to help parents in identifying the problem early enough before the situation gets out of hand .As well as giving advice on how to avoid it.

05/24/2016 3:46am

It is Important that children are able to try a diverse range of activities. This way they can see what activities interest them more. It is also important to reward and acknowledge a child to encourage and raise their self esteem. The Montessori school seems to be doing a good job in both aspects. Good job!

06/09/2016 11:39pm

It is good idea for the giving the opportunity to the little students that they all enjoy their activities in their school. Mostly child enjoy much to these moments and make their life so amazing. It is the time of getting some nutrition food items for our online store for making your physical fitness.


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